Entering the Lich Lord's Castle

So, Wednesday, I was a little rushed and underprepared so Paul ran another session of his Lich Lord campaign. This week, Brenton rejoined us, since we were playing earlier in the evening, so that was nice. Another person/character in the group is always a plus.

After mine and Henry's retreat from the asskicking we took from the Bleakborn, we holed up in a cavern with my dead Fighter and rested so that Henry's Druid Miles might make room for a Reincarnation spell with which to bring back our fallen comrade.

During the space in which the spell effects were taking place, we were being watched and were later approached by Kenneth, Brenton's Ranger/Scout, who is apparently on a quest for vengeance against a Vampire Druid. My mage Amna was intrigued by this. Could it be the same weasely bastard that had eluded us before?! With that on my mind, and mirrored on Miles' face, we took Kenneth into our group and rested a bit more in preparation to storm the Lich's castle while Donias the Fighter, newly reincarnated from Human to Dwarf, took stock of his new situation.

As soon as we could, we set out for the graveyard-path that we had to cross before reaching the castle and there encountered 2 Bleakborn, defeating them fairly easily by throwing them off the cliffside that lined the cemetery on either side, down to either their doom, or at least away from us.

Miles turned into a giant owl and carted the party up one by one to a caved in section of wall we spotted after having proven unable to deal with an old portcullis. This put us in a room with two ways out. One door was stuck, so we decided to go the path of least resistance, hoping that the stuck door would make noise should anyone/thing come through it to get to us and proceeded down a hall.

Moving on, we came to a store room with moldy wares, a skeleton, a few gp and silverware! Paul kicked himself for that when he realized why we were excited at this find. "Oh shit, I gave you silverware and you've been fighting vampires!" Damn right, you did.
Also in the room was a small nook which held 3 swarms. 3! Swarms! My caster has no area effect spells. That might tell you why I was concerned at this news. Anyway, Henry's Paladin, Davina, was able to turn the Bloodmote Swarm and the 2 Ephemeral Swarms, granting us escape for a time.

We had enough time to enter another chamber, which held nothing of interest, except a magical aura emanating out from under a bed when Detect Magic was cast. Miles stuck his hand under the bed to retrieve whatever it happened to be only to be bitten by an Iron Cobra! So kick ass. Constructs are magical creations, you know. Haha. A short fight put the creature running through a hole in the wall and brought us to "time up" on the session.

I'm interested in what's to come in there, and I still wanna take it to that vampire S.O.B.

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Jade said...

Hey, it is fun going along on your game adventures. Thank you for sharing.