Something Away from the Table pt. II

Last time I did this, I featured Travian, a pseudo-historical strategy game that plays a little like some German board games. This time, I'm gonna talk about another browser-based game I play...this one an RPG.

Some of you might know of The Kingdom of Loathing, but if you don't, then I suggest you give it a shot. It's easy to get started and the brand of wit in every aspect of the game makes it never stale for me, though others might think differently. As you advance in level, you gain access to new areas, other powers, and plenty of other benefits to keep someone vested in the game, but with minimal commitment.

If you like poorly drawn stick critters, (pop)culture references, cleverness, and games, then this one's for you.

Enter the Kingdom of Loathing!

If you decide to play, message me. My name's Ragu the Magnificent. I'll hook you up with some food and booze!

Also, a short Travian update. If anyone is playing that and would like to join an Alliance, contact either me (Gracchus) or my pal Rob (StAnE) in game and we'll invite you to join ours, The Swinging Nards of Doom.
You have to have an Embassy at level 1 to accept an Alliance invite.

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