The Thursday Group

I showed up 20 minutes late to an almost empty house at Paul's It turns out that Henry, Karen, Tammy, Miah, Shaun, and whoever else were unable to or otherwise just didn't show. This left Paul and a guy named Jeremy at the table, which I gladly joined.

Since the campaign is in full swing and the night was off to a late start, no real heavy backstory was hashed out for Hlorgr Wolfscall, my Ogre (Savage variant) Bard 4/Barbarian 3 (or Bardbarian, if you will), but it was determined that the leader of my tribe, tasked me with finding the root of various draconic attacks in the area, which I readily accepted as a warrior and I might just find the inspiration for an epic in my journeys.

The mission took me into an area where, to my astonishment, hundreds of dragons were in flight, battling for reasons unknown to me. I stood, dazed as a blue dragon swooped down to me, with a Dwarf Fighter 12 by the name of Turok Stonesmelter upon its head or neck or something, bearing a large egg, which he immediately handed to me after introductions, claiming it was bringing him no luck.

Taking better stock of the surroundings, I learn that I'm next to a mountain surrounded by rolling hills and a forest (which I had just come out of). The closest face of the mountain had a temple built into it with the symbol of Bahamut and I knew the land to be sacred to all dragons, a neutral ground of sorts. The battle here was sacriligeous.

Commanded to get to safety within the temple by the blue, the Dwarf and I rushed in and were welcomed by a Human woman who is prompted to tell the story of what's going on with the egg by the Dwarf. Turns out, it's the product of a Silver and Blue coupling and part of a foretold legacy of a great dragon and the battle was fought to claim the thing so that one of the forces may exert influence on the hatchling and that Bahamut wants it raised by a dragon unwavered by good or evil. It also happens that Hlorgr knew an epic about the prophecy and so recited it with a very high Perform check. WeWt.

We rested there a night and then arose to a grand breakfast (Heroes Feast). When we took the meal, Paul brought in Fitzhugh, his wife Tammy's Winged Human Healer 14, as a DM PC to help us along the way and we were instructed to go into the catacombs beneath the temple to facilitate transfer of the egg to it's destination by going through what I assume is a portal of some sort.

Coming to a juncture in the corridors, we encountered 3 Redspawn Arcanisses who got a little fireball happy with us after declaring we were doing the duty of Tiamat. I tried to tell them that we had the egg. Turns out, they knew that and stopping the egg (possibly destroying it, though they didn't elaborate) was part of their duty.
They died.

Pressing on, we later came to a blood drenched Y in the passages, which we determined had been passed over many a time by reptilian feet. A good Survival roll got us on the most heavily trafficked path and into a chamber with a headless blue dragon. A Blackspawn Exterminator was sitting atop it speaking to someone out of sight.
Turok and Hlorgr are not the sneaky types (meaning I rolled a 1 on my Move Silently) so the thing disappears and the next thing we know, we're being sneak attacked by not just the one, but two of the punks.
Not sure if you've ever fought ninja, but they aren't pushovers. With invisibility and poison coupled with breath weapons, we had a tough time of taking them out, but with Fitzhugh there to help out, we killed the bad guys and took their stuff. Too bad about the blue dragon.

That's where we ended and hopefully more people will be around next time, when Henry will be running his game. I have a Kobold Dragon Shaman named Meerp ready to go for it!

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Jade said...

Well, This campaign certainly sounds exciting. I got caught up in your description of it. Good stuff.