Wednesday is for Birthday

Yeah, so this past Wednesday, I turned 27. Does that mean anything special? No, but I have been lazy this week and took it "off" this here blog.
I had a good day mostly thanks to someone very special to me.
She also made me this groovy Warhol-esque piece. It's an animated .gif, but seems to not work on here.
I tried to make it my "stock" image on the sidebar of my blog, but I had serious problems associated with getting it up on anything I didn't want to fuck it up. Thanks, though, babe..that was by far the coolest thing I got!

Also, I got some money Thursday, had a great night last night and was able to game Thurs and today. Sadly, I got no new gaming junk, but Paul mentioned buying me a book, so I might yet get something cool!

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Jade said...

Glad you like the .gif hun. Sorry that you couldn't put it up on the blog. I don't know why.

Happy you had a good Birthday. you oldie!!! (of course, I am 75 haha)

Hope you are having fun gaming today.