The Arcane College: Installment 3 - Who, Exactly, Is Cursed?

Last week, I played both Wednesday and Thursday, and alot of crazy things happened.
Henry has officially left us now, and we might actually be taking more people on, since those games are open. We had 8 or 9 PCs last week as it is.

After a short trek away from the Hill Giant's place, we then started climbing into the hills, heading toward the keep of the "king" whom we believe to be cursed. On the way, we encountered some eagles of the giant variety who had taken to inhabiting the bluff along the road, as well as a Elven Druid who had taken this territory and the eagles under his care. He helped us gain an audience with the King (whose name escapes me, though he's some dwarf) on neutral ground where we tries to warn him of a curse and he and his advisors dismissed the notions and put up his guard, then ended our audience with him, bidding us good day.
While this may have seemed like a pointless encounter, don't think we didn't try. Good roleplay carried it, and ultimately, we ended up insulting him (and all dwarves) with a few statements that, if taken a certain way, could be considered veiled threats.
With that behind us, we ventured back to the Druid's (can't recall his name, either) home, a secluded barely accessible through a narrow pass in the hills, and talked with him at great length, finally convincing him of our plight and gaining an ally in our mission. Since we had nothing on us, he aided us with money to buy simple gear and convinced the eagles to give us passage to a town further away so that we could resupply without harassment.
While there and plying my trade, I was caught by a member of a local guild of property reassignment experts, known as the Fire Dragons, who operate out of safehouses in businesses with the word "Dragon" in the name. There, I gained a magic marking resembling a dragon rampant on my arm by an elderly elf who was able to discern that I wasn't from this time. All very interesting stuff. I was so enmeshed in that, that I'm not entirely sure what the other guys were doing. Heh.
Back to the eagles that evening, we flew back and discussed things with the Druid again and decided to rest before heading to a mine/cave complex that we were familiar with in the past which we thought might hold the key to whatever the curse was. Once morning came and we went to the caves, a small deal of exploring brought us to a large chamber with a huge staircase carved up and a set of double doors. Jeremy's Samurai (name not remembered) moved to open the doors and inside we saw a small creature with scaled hide and curving horns (a quasit,) which smiled then said "My master has been expecting you, but not now."
This triggered another temporal shift, which landed me in the arms of a lady familiar to the group as she grabbed me and whisked me into a dance with "Come, let us celebrate the birth!" A quick sweep of the area led us to believe we had went back 500 years in the past again and were witnessing festivities surrounding the birth of the Dwarven "king" who is cursed in the future. Once this realization hit, we all made haste to collect our old gear (leaving me with 2 of many things, since I have little magical junk in comparison with some in the party.) While at the inn we were transported from, another PC "poofed in," as we have begun calling it...and elf and cousin of my character (name not remembered.) My character was not impressed, since my family thinks of me as a good person, and now a member would be around to witness my true ways.
In any case, I simply avoided him by pursuing my own ends, looking for alchemical substances that might aid me in my travels and making contact with, to my surprise, the beginnings of the Fire Dragons, including a young elf who I recognized as the older woman in the future. Coming away with a "job" and some more information on this group, I made my way back to the others and we began preparing to move for the caves.
With another night's rest, we made our way there and to the doors of before, which were harder to open this time. Once we accomplished this, we set up a tight formation to move forward and be prepared for anything. Nelsie placed a piton at the door to ensure it stayed open, but that didn't work well. It seemed to be kicked out of place, as it skittered close to us and we could hear the doors shutting further back.
Undaunted, we continued forward til we came to a circular room with an enormous oil-filled brazier, unlit. Since I was point, I went back and conferred with the party. No other exits existed, so I told them that lighting it probably was our only way out. The party bought it and we spread out in the room and the elf who is my cousin lit the brazier...then poofed out, as we do when a player has to leave. The loss of a PC seemed to do nothing but hurt us, as when the flames began to grow, the visage of a great, scaled, goat headed creature rose out of them . A few attacks to it revealed it was an illusion, and it began to speak to us with something along the lines of "Why do you dare come here and disturb the workings of Orcus?" To which, without skipping a beat, my character shot back, verbatim: "To send you back where you came from, demon!"
The other guys didn't seem entertained with that, but hey...I'm straight up Neutral and I had some Good in me itching to come out. Sadly, that led to some Karrnathi Skeletons showing up and laying the smack down on us. We were insanely ill equipped to be fighting skeletons or demons, for that matter, but we fought valiantly on, taking out only 3 of the 9ish there and losing some of our own. Steve's fighter began to get scared and bargain with the image of Orcus, who then accepted the deal and handed him a facsimile of the Wand of Orcus with which he began to go around attempting to steal souls and then Choldram did the Dance of Ruin...and Tony rolled 20s on both die.
As we died (not much survives 40 points of damage after 11 rounds of combat,) we were given the chance to appeal to our deities (or whoever would listen,) and ultimately something happened that saved all of us. I like to think it was my superbly worded supplication to Erevan Ilesere that saved our lives. Even Steve's character appeared with us when we all shifted out of the fight, albeit knocked out from the Dance. Choldram made his way over and slew the fighter with a spell, which none of us moved to stop.

There, we ended the session, with each of us still alive thinking greatly about the experience and what it means to our characters that we are still around somehow, after knowing our fates were sealed. For Nastrond (my Beguiler,) it begins a more devout path dedicated to spreading and enhancing the worship of Erevan, as I see him as the one that saved not only me, but all of my compatriots and to deserve such a boon, I must show the utmost devotion.

By the by, Nastrond has no clue that Orcus is a demon, but he does know the term "demon" refers to evil outsiders. I wasn't metagaming in that instance. Also, I think I might have forgotten some stuff or switched some events around as far as order goes. I should have posted right as it was fresh on my mind.

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