The Arcane College, or Seasons in the Abyss (Part 5)

Finally, I'm back on track with posting!
I'll start updating this when it needs to be now, which isn't days after games happen...which brings up the fact that The Drow War is skipped. I wasn't feeling good at all last Sunday, so I stayed home. It happens, though I feel bad when it does.
Also, I was thinking as I was writing a title for this post. What is the name of this campaign? I've never thought to ask Paul if he had a name in mind for it, and I call it the Arcane College, because that's where it all started, but it's definitely NOT where it is or is going.
Read on for details!

There's SO much that goes on in these games of Paul's. For one, we play two nights a week.Wednesday and Thursday are both devoted to the game, though this Thursday is our last, as John has decided to run a game. With all the bouncing in time and such, it gets confusing and hard to relate the story here on the pages of the blog. Part of the reason this week is so hard to tell is because we did an amazing amount of things. The group is finally getting used to each other's play styles and the game and things just clicked really well for us the past two nights.

To make the story somewhat short, we continued to bounce through time some, learning some interesting facts and then discovering, to our dismay, that we're the reason that the curse fell into place and thus are/were the reason that Orcus was able to dominate the world in a far future that we travelled to.
We were able to save Dessa, the dwarf queen who is trapped in the great oak mentioned before, by performing clever time hops and travelling to when she sacrificed her soul to Orcus to save her love, Grontor Gorun, who we were trying to prevent being cursed. Turns out, when we jumped to an earlier time, Dessa was able to glean that we were trying to save Grontor and, in turn (before the curse ever took place), offered herself to the demon prince, thus causing the chain of events that triggered the curse!
Alas, we were too late. Orcus had taken her soul, but chose to barter it for the large hourglass filled with time sand. After some discussion, we handed the hourglass over and he (we think) kept his end of the deal. We knew that the trade aided him greatly in his attempts to bring about the end of times and promote the decay of the universe.
Leaving there, another jump in time led us to a somewhat familiar place...the decayed ruins of the Arcane College. This time, we were outside of it, though. Venturing in, we found the body of Pick, a mischevious halfling whom we've dealt with for a while and who randomly jumps times due to sheer luck.He will be missed.
On leaving the ruins, we decided to investigate a pulsing light that we had seen in the distance before that was still going. Upon reaching the source, we saw a terrifying sight...Orcus pounding on a small orb containing Dessa and a wooden facsimile of her, yet trapped in an orb himself, that was seemingly formed from the concerted efforts of many large figures each holding a large hourglass like the one we traded Orcus and with their eyes closed in concentration.
Having been able to pierce a temporal bubble in the far future, I quickly devised a plan in which the others would stay with me and walk in while touching me. It worked and we found ourselves face to face with 7 Karrnathi goblins and an Aspect of Orcus! (CR 9, Minis Handbook)
Through quick action and smart spellcasting, the skeletons were dispatched fairly quickly, leaving the big boss himself for us to contend with...which we kinda did. Isak dropped soon to the magic of the Ruby Rod and then Orcus began systematically killing us, his awesome might coming to full bear against us. When it came down to the ropes, Chobrim and Nelsie were the only two left, almost everyone dead. With last ditch efforts and the luck of the dice on their side, they were finally able to wear him down til Chobrim struck the demon down with a mighty blow!
Afterward, the beings holding the outer sphere up let it down and began to explain that we didn't defeat Orcus, but just a particle of his essence, or an Aspect. Those there, whom we later learned were Time Lords, was able to resurrect those of us who chose to come back. Paul was nice and gave us the option of new character creation.
We gained many a boon from the Lords, not to mention furter guidance on the items we had as well as having some age taken off our character and some of our magic items recharged.

Where the game takes us next, I have no clue, but I do know that wherever it takes us, we're as ready as we ever will be. The party dynamic is becoming better and better and those whose game this is a first are obviously improving (except for one, whom I plan to speak about soon.)

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