Mid-week game. The Arcane College!

It's been two weeks with no update on this one, but I have played in the Wednesday/Thursday game that Paul runs the past two weeks, Thursday this past then the Wednesday the week before. It really sucks that the game runs on both nights, because I usually miss out on Thursday, so I miss part of the action.

At any rate, I'll try to catch it all up...
Having ventured further into the basement levels of the School of Wizardry/Arcane College (we've yet to learn the proper name for the place) with the aid of some OTHER friendly goblins and not the ones we had originally befriended, we delved in and encountered some blues on the 5th basement. These creatures wield powers of the mind that outstrip our current magical aptitude and so we made a deal (as we do) to keep our hides safe by agreeing to rid the level of the enemy that has been a bane to the mind lord goblins....undead. We were also tasked with opening a vault for them, but I'm unsure of the terms of payment for that one.

Having failed in the first attempt to fight the skeletal dwarves inhabiting the interior, we decided to leave them be, since they weren't hostile unless we messed with them/certain things. Through some experimentation and exploration that would take alot of confusing description, we ended up opening a few more areas up and eventually found the vault door and the 4 keys that go to it. We opened it just to reveal a wall with a niche designed to hold an object which we couldn't find. An audience with the undead dwarven king gave us a clue as to how to open the vault.

A clue which we couldn't figure out, and my character wrongly interpreted as ridding the complex of the blues. A failed attack on those creatures led us to pursue other paths and after a day of trying everything we could think of, we discovered that simply replacing some things we had moved was all that was needed to get the key to the...empty vault.

Further searching led us into a chamber that was seemingly a extra-dimensional space where an oppresively thick forest was flourishing with a 300' oak tree right in the middle. Conversing with a disembodied voice associated with the tree revealed that it belonged to a dwarven lady and that there was a curse on her husband (the undead king) that she wished us to "fix." We were granted a magical boon in the form of a stat boost of our choice to aid us in our task and then we were whisked into the past....some 1200 or more years back, where we garnered a few tidbits of information that didn't really make sense, because the temporal displacement had skewed our memories.

While sleeping a few nights later, we were then hurled 500 years forward in time...with only the gear we had on us. (Note, we were sleeping.) Here, we were run out of town after a misunderstanding with a militia force almost got us killed, but garnered alot of info on what, exactly, we were doing. I forget the dwarven names we have to keep track of, else this would be more detailed.

While traveling, we encountered a hill giant and a giant weasel. There were eight 5th level PCs Thursday night and we were unable to take a 10th level encounter. Now, doing the math, we should have had no problem tackling an EL 8 or 9 threat, so it really bothers me that this EL 10 was so difficult for us. The cohesion of the party just simply wasn't there.
It's fun to backstab and sell each other out when it comes to role playing our characters, but the whole reason we are together are mutual survival...and in combat, if we can't find that cohesion, then we might as well all turn it in. Next session, I hope to try and correct that problem by trying to set forth a game plan. We'll see how that goes.

The Players:
Ferrel Muttor (Half-Elf Sorceror 5) - Chris
Choldram Sohes (Human Cleric 5 of Nerull [He pretends Heironeous]) - Tony
Arthas (Human Fighter 5) - Steve
? (Human Rogue 5) - Carl (new character, since Orestes died)
? (Human Samurai 5) - some kid we called Epic
? (Human Fighter 5) - Sam
Nelsie (Elf Rogue 5) - John
Nastrond Esyllo (Sun Elf Beguiler 5) - Me

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