The Drow War, Session 3

You may remember that last session, I called the game after calling for everyone to roll Spot checks as they exited the mines outside of Bronce. Jaymes was the only one to not notice the small group of men awaiting the PCs on their way out of the mines, who turned out to be the town bully, Jim Oakenbough, and his lackeys who had feared that the PCs might eventually put 2 and 2 together after retrieving the body of the tax collector they had murdered from the mines during the last session.

Talking ran short and led to a quick combat in which Jaymes managed to put down 3 of the 4 men with mighty blows from his large greatsword. I know it deals more damage, but it bothers me that he still prefers it over the magical blade that is the Sword of Starkweather John. Anyway, after the fight, the ruffians wounds were tended and the PCs lashed the unconscious men to a makeshift litter and hauled them toward the town, making a stop at Jim's windmill/house after becoming suspicious of what he was trying to uncover. There, after dispatching Jim's dogs and Jaymes taking a face full of nails from a trap, they found the tax collector's chest with the lock smashed off still loaded heavily with coin.

After this find, the party made haste to the village with the thugs and their plunder, proving the heinous crime that had been committed. They also went straight to the Headman and presented the letter to him that they had found in the mines giving proof to an invasion that seemingly looms ever nearer. Through harsh diplomacy, the PCs quickly convinced the townsfolk of Bronce to evacuate and head elsewhere, preferably Saragost, to avoid their deaths. They then immediately rode out to warn the towns along the way to Saragost, starting with Lichgate.

On the way there, they were waylaid by a pair of inept bandits that managed to lay Jaymes low, but were dispatched by the rest of the party. Amongst the loot to be had was a stuffed monkey. Neat-o! They also encountered a ghoul on the road, which managed to bite Jaymes before being dispatched before everyone even got to act.

Once in Lichgate, the PCs rested for a while then tried to find the best way to get to (what they found out was a very indecisive) council, which led them to seek out the leader of the guard, a halfling by the name of Apple. Riding out to a nearby farm, they found Apple conversing with the farmer and witnessed an ankheg burst through the ground and begin to move against the 2 locals. Having no part of this, the party moved forward, with Tony's brave monk leading the charge. A hard fought battle ensued, with heavy damage inflicted on the party and culminating in a fatal critical hit against the monk before the tide turned and the group, along with Apple, were able to dispatch the beast.

Warning Apple, she immediately took them to the council, who pressed and pressed for deliberation on the matter and patience while things were decided. The PCs, with the body of their dead companion in tow, decided that the bureaucracy (why does that look misspelled?) of the city was a waste of time and left the city of Lichgate and its people/council to their own devices, heading out as soon as their meeting with the council was done.

As the session was called, the group had just laid eyes on Lower Scumsgrove and were making their way there.

Dusty has dropped Sundays, but Josh D. has been showing up the past two weeks (sorry there wasn't a game last week!) and so makes for a good pinch player. Hopefully he will be able to show more. Also, Tony has joined us since he's there to run the shop, anyway, and I was surprised with news of Kenny possibly bowing out.
If it seems that Jaymes had the spotlight, far from it. The group did quite a bit, but those spots were specific highlights. I failed in the body of the description to mention the 3 criticals I got against Tony's monk, for instance.
I wish I could remember his old monk's name...he decided to play another monk, so I let him just erase the character sheet and make the changes.

The Cast:
Jaymes (Starborn Human Fighter 2) - Ricky Joe
? (Starborn Human Monk 1) - Tony (R.I.P.)
Veit "Granetfist" Mead (Starborn Shield Dwarf Barbarian 2) - Josh M.
Ya-ro (Starborn Aasimar Cleric 2 of Old Heakun) - Paul
Therass (Starborn Catfolk Scout 2) - Josh D (Dusty's old character)

Josh D! If you read this...if you want a different character, just tell me what you want and I can toss one together for you if you'd like.

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Anonymous said...

No worries Buddy, I've no problem at all playing a pre-made PC. It's fun just to get back into some good ol' D&D again, and besides, you know how I hate D20 chargen, lol. I'd definitely like to take a crack at running my post-apocalyptic game though if we can scare up a couple more players. =)

Josh D