The Drow War, Session 4

Having set out from Lichgate, our heroes pressed forward to Lower Scumsgrove and actually attracted the attention of Vanson Braddock, the sadistic leader of the city's defense forces/guard. Using his resources to put some pressure on the PCs, he was shocked when the party presented him with the news of the massing forces and presented evidence to him. He immediately led them to the Merchant's Guildhouse, where the true power of the city lay, and they sat their plans into motion, giving the characters a slight reward and sending them on their way before too much meddling could take place.
Continuing their travels, the PCs then pressed into a forest, following the road that cut a small path through. After a few hours of riding through the woods, a sharp howl, which one of their number identified as a challenge call. A ways back on the road stood a worg. Again it bayed, which prompted one of the PCs to address the thing, after which it warned that it sought an enemy and they should not interfere.
Shortly after, an answer call was heard and out of the underbrush sprung a wolf, snarling at the larger dog and immediately moving to close the distance. Having agreed to remain out of the conflict, the group watched as the wolf picked it apart slowly, but not without plenty help otherwise. When all was said and done, Ya-ro moved over and healed the wolf, after which it trotted down the road, where they came across it and its owner, an Elven Druid named Jass. She was accepting of the PC's story, adding that it would explain the reason for other creatures to have been driven up from the caves dotting the forest.
The group decided to check some of these caves for themselves to see if any signs of the invading force coming up was present. Moving into the first one, they encountered a group of Grimlocks that gave them a short fight, then they moved on to investigate deeper, travelling for what turned out to be hours into the cave and not finding anything before turning back. Having decided they had spent too much time inspecting the caves, they set out for the next leg of their trek to Saragost....
...which brought them to Hockton Barrow, or on their way, at least, when they spotted a small wagon being attacked by an Ogre and a handful of goblins, which they dispatched after a fierce battle and then escorted the driver to the city with his cargo of arrowheads. In the town, annual games were being held in which many different events, ranging from drinking contests to wrestling, with the festivities culminating in an archery contest that draws competitors from all over the island of Chillhame.
Good times were had by all, except Ya-ro, who felt that the games were petty and a waste of precious time, and many of the others participated in various events. This brought us to the archery contest, in which an unknown elf dominated the competition, then, once having accepted his prize...a magical longbow, snapped it over his knee, called it shit and walked away. The PCs reacted somewhat violently and nonsportsmanlike toward him, which prompted me to call a "time-out" in the game because some of the guys have played this first leg of the adventure before and know what/who he is.
At any rate, the town was warned and the group headed out, finally, for Saragost, where they met a captain of the watch outside the gates calling himself Severin, who explained that the council had already heard of the PCs from various refugees and that he was sent to escort them to them right away upon arrival. Following him, the companions were led to a side gate to avoid the bustle of the front gates, where many refugees were still camped, awaiting their turn to move into the city.
Once there, they were led down narrow corridors of back alleys and side streets, when suddenly wagons moved to block the way and Captain Severin wheeled his horse to face the PCs. Archers were spotted in the windows of nearby buildings and initiative was rolled. After a hard minute of fighting, the baddies were dispatched and the city guard could be heard coming to the scene, possibly being tipped off by a local. The group made no effort to conceal the truth of how Severin died and didn't resist when taken to the jail, which they were subsequently released from and ushered to the council chambers.
There, under the effects of a Discern Lies, the heroes plead their case and were released from the shackles of guilt upon satisfactory account of what had transpired. After some discussion, the council urged the PCs to continue their good work and ride out to warn a few more of the larger villages on the island, then let them go on their way. When the game was called, all but a few were taking their dinner at The Grand Baronial Hotel.

The cast expanded last week!
Jaymes (Starborn Human Fighter 2) - Ricky Joe
Micah Tasrofee (Starborn Human Monk 2) - Tony
Veit "Granetfist" Mead (Starborn Shield Dwarf Barbarian 2) - Josh M.
Ya-ro (Starborn Aasimar Cleric 2 of Old Heakun) - Paul
Therass (Starborn Catfolk Scout 2) - Josh D/Carl
Khaz (Starborn Dwarf Barbarian 2) - John
Morrigan (Starborn Fire Genasi Warlock 2) - Steve

By the by, I do realize that I've not been on the blog as much as I had in the past. I'm going to try to knock out the Arcane College game post and another Khardtha post, then the next installment of The Drow War (from later today) tonight. Then I should be caught up.
Coming Soon: Forgotten Realm rants and more Khardtha as well as odds and ends everywhere (that include undead!)

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