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Yeah, I'm not dead yet, I've just been too lazy to update in a while. I'm gonna run through a short recap of what's been happening, but first, I'm going to explain why I've not been on posting as much.

A couple of my friends have caught the Warhammer bug, but they're running Warhammer 40k, and I'm doing fantasy, and I've made it a point to finish my Vampire Counts army before I even buy the Eldar codex. I've been painting and assembling quite a bit lately.

Also, I'm playing Magic pretty regularly, and preparing for an Elder Dragon Highlander tournament that's coming up on the 20th, so deck building has been taking alot of time that I could have spent on here. I plan to get back to posting after every game starting this week, though.

Now for recaps...

  • The Drow War - The party made it to the Ragged Man and got information on where the Starborn items are held and more information on their destinies. This game has been put on hiatus until after the holidays due to family commitments.
  • Bastions of the Broken Road - The group made their way out of the hold of Durgeddin and after relaxing for a while, found employ under the flamboyant Baron Althom, who they accompanied to the town of Brindinford. There, they encountered all manner of evils, from Khyberspawn to the alien beings of Xoriat and, through befriending a rogue band of shifters, were able to remain somewhat safe while rooting out evil. A few PCs found death while in the city.
  • Gnomad and the Masters of the Multiverse - After completing the locking of all the Inner planes, we went to Mechanus as the first stop of the Outer, where we have been for weeks, trying to figure out how to improve the Gnomad with a planar navigation system and trying to lock the plane. It's looking like Sigil will be our next destination, as we must go there to find a formula for the Modrons which holds the key for manipulation of the Hourglass on Mechanus. It's frustrating.
  • Vampire - The neonates have struggled to find more clues to the murders of the Nosferatu primogen and the Gangrel sheriff, but the only information that's turned up is that the Tremere are either responsible or are covering up something, and that there is a Sabbat influence in the city which may or may not be involved. We lost Doug's Gangrel in a raid on a location we knew to hold Sabbat, and Taylor's Brujah had his memory rewritten with Dominate, so that he thought he was Sabbat as well. This eventually led to his diablerization of my character followed by mayhem. He blew up an Elysium in the city and this week's game will have the aftermath of that incident.

That's the gist of things. With more detailed writeups coming, maybe everyone will be able to catch up fairly well. For now, however, I'm going to bed because I have to work a double tomorrow. YeY inventory!

btw, give yourself 2 cool points if you got the reference in the header.

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Glad to see you're still kickin Buddy!