Heretical Thoughts

So, the Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40k Roleplay) game is definitely a go for Mondays, and I've been putting some thought into it as I wait to receive the core book. Reading Eisenhorn has given me quite a few ideas, as well as fleshed out the setting alot for me, likely in ways that the game book won't.

I have set a rule that might not sit well with some of the gamers that want to come to the table, but since we're a group used to using minis for our games, and since the parent game is a miniatures game, I want everyone who is playing to have their own mini from the Warhammer line, preferably painted and assembled.

I know Taylor is rolling Tech-Priest, but I'm eager to see what combination of paths will hit the table when it comes game-time.

I've thought about my Inquisitor quite a lot, and I think I might make him a monodominant member of the Ordo Xenos or a puritan from the Ordo Malleus. The first option would give reason to include various members of the other star-faring races, but the second option, in my mind at least, would give the opportunity for a more investigative-oriented game. I know, also, that the Inquisition has the Ordo Hereticus, but I don't think I want to place the PCs in the Daemonhunters. I just feel that it's the more expected and 'flash-bang' style, whereas I want a slower-paced game that will give my players more shades of grey to work with, whereas, when a member of the Inquisition finds a daemon, they have to kill it and everyone associated with it.

I really know nothing of the star map in 40k, and barely anything about the worlds, but I'm hoping I can dig up more information on sectors, systems, and planets that might help me out a little. Making my own isn't out of the question, but I would like to be more informed on the structure of terraforming practices, etc. before I make a sector that makes no sense.

I've also been looking for rules on Grey Knights or Deathwatch to include as player options, so if anyone knows where to find that information, please let me know. Homebrew stuff is A-OK for me right now, since I'm going green into the system.

I'm also hoping Rogue Trader will be compatible with Dark Heresy, so that maybe the players can pick up new paths down the road.


Anonymous said...

I plan on going Assassin. I just pray we don't end up with a group of pyskers. More than one in a small group is just asking for warp related accidents.


~Jade~ said...

Wheee! I am all caught up! Enjoyed playing catch up with all your gaming. :)

Anonymous said...

You have probably already picked up the errata, but if you have not.


And wow errata, Accurate weapons just got much better. For each degree of success, I can add 1d10 to my damage. It maxes at 2, but that is very substantial.

Also, I beat Brent's fairies last night and took first. So it looks like we might be getting both books.