Magic: The Gathering League Play

...and why it makes me tired of the game.

In November, Tony announced that we'd have the opportunity to participate in M:tG League Play, which would extend a full month and we'd be able to net promos and have a chance to net a deck case at the end of the timeframe. To all of us at the shop, this sounded like an awesome idea, so when we got the product in, we all devoured it, taking our Shards of Alara product and running full tilt trying to get as many tick marks as possible through playing matches.

After 10 marks, you have the ability to buy a new pack and add it to your current list to better refine your deck, so we were enhancing our deck building skills for those cards while playing in a fun format for us.

At the end of the month, though, we all loathed the thought of playing block tournaments, or doing anything, really, that had to do with Shards. Now December is here and we're doing League with Champions and Betrayers of Kamigawa and already some of us are tired of the sets. It's not that we don't like league, or even that we don't like the sets, it's just that when you do something every day, you sometimes get tired of it, and it's making Magic less appealing to some of the guys (including me) for the time being.

I'm thinking that after the Elder Dragon tournament, I'm not going to do much Magic playing beyond the upcoming Conflux release events and some League, just to build a card base for sets I might not have much of.

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