Vampire: The Masquerade - Revenge A Go Go!

Due to my eldest nephew's Christmas choir program, I wasn't able to participate in the full session of this one, but at the beginning, my new character came into the game in the morgue, executing Paul for killing my sire.

There, Heinrich and the others came upon me, at first thinking I was a hunter, but then being recognized as one of the kindred by a clanmate. After cross words were exchanged between me and the coterie and between some in the coterie with others in the coterie, and likely between individuals and themselves, knowing some of the characters in this game (I had to run after my introduction, so I'm a bit fuzzy on it all), everyone decided to leave the morgue.

This is when it was discovered that the coterie (or maybe even me?) was being tailed by a vampire adept in the skills of stealth, spoke only Spanish, and wore a ceramic mask. He called himself Santiago, according to Rene. Not sure on who he is, but he said he was there on business of the Prince, and I was able to convince the rest of the group that he was not to be trifled with if this were true.

That's pretty much all I know about the session, but I'll be there for the whole thing this week, and hopefully we can get back on the right track, which to my character means trying to win the Malkavian primogen spot that was left vacant with the death of my sire.

Cast of Characters
Ysodr Chulmayev, 8th Gen Malkavian - Me
Heinrich Himmler (Yes, that one.), 10th Gen Malkavian - David
Santiago, 8th Gen Caitiff - Taylor
Masamuri, 8th Gen Gangrel - Darrell
Mary, 13th Gen Toreador - Jon R.
Renesmee Cullen, 12th Gen Toreador - Racheal
Grizzz, 9th Gen Gangrel - George
Demetri, 11th Gen Tremere - Steve C.
Kara, 13th Gen Ventrue - Lauren
Joseph, 8th Gen Tremere - John C.

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