Eberron: Prophecy of Ascendence, Part 12 (Le Gasp! Name change!)

I haven't liked the "Bastions" title since I started using it and I was reading through some old posts the other day and remembered that I had posted this adventure path here, so I looked and got the old name...one I'm much happier with, even though changing the name of the campaign doesn't change anything else.
I'm weird like that.

Also, I'm going to skip ahead to the last session because it's fresher in my mind. I know alot of things have happened since I last posted on the game, but there's quite a bit of jumble in my head as to the timeline. Suffice it to say that the heroes have been heroes and some of them have died or otherwise changed. The roster at the end of the post should help a little with the understanding.

Our heroes decided to press on from Brindinford, leaving Baron Althom's employ to search out personal leads and to look for an overarching cause of the strange happenings of late. They chose to travel by boat to Lakeside, where they hoped to refresh supplies and find out a little more of their enemies through research and old fashioned detective work. They weren't expecting what they found...

Upon docking in the city, they were greeted by nothing but animals...cats, dogs, rats, and mice who were scurrying about looking for food as well as an abundant amount of birds. Nobody was working the docks and the ships moored there had no sailors. People simply weren't around.

Deciding to venture further into the city, the party found more of the same. Not a single human, elf, gnome, or dwarf anywhere in the city. Baskets were put down on the ground, tables were set, some logs and journals found were cut off mid-sentence. It was as if everyone left at once.

The whole population of Lakeside appeared to had walked out into the woods, suggested by a trail leading off from various spots in town that Talin picked up. Following the trail for about two hours, Mac stumbled upon (literally) a rotting arm that had been gnawed on by a smallish animal, likely a dog of some sort. This sent a wave of fear through the party, and some were wary of continuing the search while others protested that perhaps the arm was unrelated or someone who had been trampled in the chaos of almost 10,000 people leaving at one time.

Around this time, Allura decided to go back to the town while Murmur and Talin decided to move ahead of the group in the search. After a few more hours, their fears were realized when they came across a sea of decaying bodies in a large clearing. The whole of Lakeside's inhabitants dead, apparently from some form of poisoning, to the best estimation of those in the group with decent Heal rolls.

The PCs started to arrange the bodies for proper rites, but found the task daunting and didn't want to be caught out at dark with this amount of corpses, not knowing what curses may animate the dead when the sun fell. They hurried back to Lakeside and found the House Sivis office and sent out a call for help through the speakstone there, then made their way to the barracks and then the Church of the Host, where they holed up for the night, barring the doors and windows as best they could in case a zombie horde broke upon them.

The next morning, they were awoken by pounding on the front doors of the church, which they opened to find an old man dressed in the robes of office of a high priest demanding to know who they were and why there were there. The party's fears of undeath were somewhat realized when they noticed that he and everyone they could see from the door were transparent and wispy. After moments of delegation, they convinced the priest they had something to show him and prepared while he gathered other members of the town heirarchy, including Dragonmarked House representatives, and took them to the site of the bodies.

None of the dead took it well to peer upon their own bodies and those of their friends and loved ones, and so decided to end their unlives by wading into Lake Dark in search of the rumored portal to Dolurrh.

As we left off, almost half the town's population had wandered into the water as the PCs and horrified ghosts looked on, wailing that they were drowning and in disbelief at their current state. Help is supposed to arrive soon, and the party needs to decide how they will explain or rectify this situation.

Cast of Characters
Allura Fellhaven, Female Half-Fiend Psion(Telepath) 6 - Carl
Devin "Lucky" Nel, Male Cleric of the Host 5/Human Paragon 2 - Paul
Guy Veir "Mac" d'Cannith, Male Human Artificer 6 - Taylor
Kadav, Male Elan Psion(Telepath) 6 - Steve J.
Murmur (formerly "-"), Male Personality Warforged Paladin of the Silver Flame 5 - David
Soh, Changeling Fighter 4/Warshaper 2 - Josh
Talin Shiri, Female Elf Ranger 3/Warblade 2/Revenant Blade 1 - Chris
Vacht, Male Human Wizard(Evoker) 7 - Steve C.

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