New Alternating Wednesday Game: Goblin Raid Party!

So, Taylor has decided to run a game every other Wednesday in which the party is comprised of nothing but Goblins. At the beginning of every session, each player will be handed a random gobbo (There is one made for every single class in D&D 3.x) and will run with it. If that greenskin dies, the player will be handed a new one and the game will continue with the dead pc removed from selection.

Wednesday was our first foray into the raiding profession and we had a blast. Tony led the charge into zany when he started up the session playing his Archivist (18 Int) as primarily Goblin, not so much smart. The rest of the group ran with it and before long, a couple of us were convinced that writing "dead" on our boars would make the enemy tribe think they weren't worth stealing because they were dead, of course...

We lost the Barbarian due to in-party fighting when he decided to kill the "zombie boars," but other than that, it was pretty much smooth sailing through the enemy tribe and into the "King's" chamber, where we convinced him to send his guards away with other goblins who had come to warn him, then we spun a lie about being a troupe of historians and kingmakers who needed to anoint him with oil and perform a ceremony in which we named his axe. This gave us a huge advantage as he had handed over his axe to David and poured Alchemist's Fire all over himself, giving us a goblin ablaze, which was fun to whack with sticks and such til it died.

After this, we discovered a door behind the king's throne which was locked. A search of his now extinguished body gave us a key, which we then used. The passage inside was a downward slope, slick with moisture, in which David and I jumped immediately. There, in a dank pool lay a kraken, which made short work of us and at which point Taylor called the game.

I think we all had a lot of fun in the game. It was fairly fast paced and zany. This was Taylor's first go at DMing, but he was quick on his feet when it came to unexpected stuff and didn't let the game drop. Maybe next time, most of us won't die.

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Now THAT sounds like a hoot!