AP Taylor's Homebrew

Last night, Taylor ran another session of his homebrew that he's been running for a while now, and I believe at the end of the session, we all leveled. Woo level 7 Cleric!

Due to some misses recently, I'm not entirely sure what has happened up to the point I jumped back in last night, as David hits me with the highlights, and they aren't organized for me in any context in my head...

When we picked up last night, however, we were in a sprawling cavern complex near a campsite, and the rest of the party had dispatched a human tainted with what we surmised was fiendish blood.

We knew a temple had been rediscovered in this area of the caves, and we pressed on, hoping to stop whoever the half-fiend was working with, as it was likely (in our minds) that they had corrupted the temple and were doing who-knows-what kind of dastardly stuff therein!

After quite a bit of searching, we came upon a group that seemed to be either guarding an area or excavating rock, perhaps both. Since I'm not sneaky, they heard us coming and a melee ensued, with David's Kobold Wizard ending it fairly quickly with a Fireball spell, dropped right on top of us and the baddies, which had turned out to be more fiendish men.

Fearing the worst when we started surmising their numbers, we made haste deeper into the tunnels, making it to a maze, which I navigated with Angela marking off any areas where we might need to backtrack, making it eventually to a set of double doors, which we threw open after deciding there was no trap waiting for us.

Inside was a sight that made us all blanch...a huge demon crucified upon the wall with magical pinions (a balor) with many "congregants" in pews facing it, and a cloaked man at an altar before the balor, which has a cauldron catching the blood of the demon.

Here, another fight broke out, us versus the cultists, who were all also fiend-tainted men. We dispatched them fairly quickly, but now we are sat in the chapel, wondering what to do about this demon hung on the wall, his blood, the desecrated temple, and where to go from here in general.

Pretty fun evening, even if I was dead tired at the end (waking up at 5am had taken its toll)

I think we all were at a point that we could level, except David, who has the most xp in the game.
That puts us with David's Kobold Wizard 7, Angela's Drow Warlock 5, Steve's Human Rogue 7, and my Dwarf Cleric 7.

Good stuff! More to come on this game.

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