A Slight Revision to New Wilderlands Characters

Recently, I posted about new characters and starting levels in my Wilderlands campaign.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the scaling of levels that I put forth at the end of that post, so I'm replacing that here with the following:

In the event that a player makes a new character, that character will begin play at the base experience total for their old character's level minus five, or 1/3rd the level of the highest level character in the party, whichever is higher.

I think this cleaves both to what I want from the game as far as power level and character development and keeps new characters relevant to the action.

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she_wolf_02 said...

Ok. I read your posts in order, even if I read them all at once, so I made that first post before reading this. I agree that this does seem like a better method than the last.