Trying to Tackle the Temple

And so, after about an hour's more deliberation and Chas taking leave of the party for the sake of survivability, with some harsh words before the parting, the group decided that it was do or die, and pretty much just charged at the Lizardfolk village surrounding the temple.

Since Borash was shouting, the Lizardfolk and Khumats were ready and the outsiders were able to meet the group half-way, while the slower humanoids closed the gap in a couple of rounds.

Combat was pretty fast-paced, with one Khumat being sent back wither it came with a Dismissal from Seyji in round 1, and Jadazh taking out another in the 2nd round with help from the crit charts we use. That left one Khumat and a small horde of 27 Lizardfolk against the PC's band, numbering 21 total.

In the following rounds, both sides saw losses with a few of the hired hands; human, orc, and gnoll alike dying to blows from macahuitls and the vicious bites of the Khumats. Lizardfolk bodies began to pile up, but the attack was relentless, with neither side ceding any ground. In fact, the Lizardfolk fought with what seemed a death wish, even as their numbers lowered.

Though surrounded and taking heavy damage, the lone Khumat was able to drop Etuné, but not kill her, leaving her laying bleeding in the mire until a Lizardfolk took the opportunity to finish her off. Shortly thereafter, Seyji was slain by a devastating bite from the extraplanar beast.

In the end, only the PC group and their hirelings and companions were still standing, hobbling off away from the temple into the swamp to lick wounds and prepare for entering the temple proper, where who knows what menaces lurk...

Current Cast of Characters
Chas DeLong, Male Human Fighter 5 - David B.
Jadazh Gr'tea, Male Human Duskblade 5 - Steve C.
Borash, Male Half-Orc Cleric of Gorum 4 - Taylor
Etune Yamara, Female Halfling Monk 4 - Angela
Seyji Upsul, Male Human Cleric of Tharizdun 9 - NPC Deceased
"Union", Female Human Marshal 5 - NPC
Gexzrit, Male Bugbear Alchemist 4 - NPC
Brakish, Male Gnoll Fighter 1 - NPC
Grahyip, Male Gnoll Fighter 4 - NPC
2 x Gnoll Warrior 1 - David B. controlled
3 x Human Warrior 1 - Steve C. controlled
3 x Orc Warrior 1 - Taylor controlled


she_wolf_02 said...

Was an interesting fight. I do have one comment though. It is just something that I noticed that seemed unlikely, though I know the outcome of it all will stay the same. Etune was the only member of the party that was killed by being "finished off". Everyone else who dropped and didn't die was recovered at the end.

Buddy Richards said...

That's not due to any malice, but because the Lizardfolk are intelligent opponents. Most all those dropped by the Khumat died outright. When it came to blow by blow with the Lizardfolk, they didn't take the full-round actions needed to coup de grace, as they were all threatened. I didn't announce it, but the one that killed your character had a failed AoO on it by Seyji.
When fighting to the death, it's more prudent to place hits where they will do most good. Drawing AoOs isn't prudent.
Also, it's very clear that PCs are set apart from the lackeys the group employs, both in gear and ability. In this sense, taking out the "leaders" is a sure way to win. The party used the same tactics.