The Arkham of the Neitherworld

For reasons unknown even to me, I've made it a goal to read every post by those on Jeff's blogroll.
This is not something that can be accomplished in a day, but I've made it (going from oldest to most recently updated) back to Neitherworld Stories, a great blog by Stuart, a friend of Jeff's, which I had caught up on a couple of years back, then had forgotten about.

Stuart's posts are usually relevant to my own gaming, so it is a treat revisiting his blog, even if it apparently is dead. (Maybe my reading through will prompt him to post again? It's seemed to happen with other blogs on the list.)

The reason I bring Neitherworld Stories up today, though, is this post, which I think is great inspiration for a fantasy or supers game, or some mix of the genres.

You see, I've been thinking alot about supers gaming recently and even originally was gonna run a quick stint on my birthday using Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game, but I guess we're hitting up a Magic tournament instead.

I don't really have a group to scratch the supers itch with, since my current group is involved in 2 different D&D games, but I've been thinking about drumming something up to remedy that!

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