It's Been A Super Day

Been thinking alot about superheroes today, most notably this guy...

I'm not really sure why Big Blue is where my mind went when the subject came to mind, but I pretty much kept with the thoughts and eventually it led me to thoughts on gaming.

No surprise there, really...but then it dawned on me that DC is the more ideal model in how to handle supers in gaming than Marvel, even if I like the latter better.

I know somewhere in the 3 LBBs of D&D, "superhero" is mentioned, and while that originally meant someone of higher level, using Arneson's model...it made me think about what it would be like if a superhero (or team, even) made an entrance into a fantasy campaign. Even given somewhat powerful abilities, would they still be overshadowed by some practitioners of magic?

Like most of my posts, this is just a brain dump. I really don't have anywhere I'm going with this, but it's something that intrigues me, as does super powers in the real world and even in a high-tech sci-fi (space opera?)

More to think about, at any rate.

Also, this picture REALLY got my thoughts churning...

Not so sure why it's so evocative to me, but anything that spurs imagination is a good thing!

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