Go Go Teamwork!

Tonight was pretty cool, and even though we didn't make it far, due to backtracking and such, I felt like we accomplished a fair amount of dungeoneering.

After a miraculously uneventful night stayed in what we hoped was a secure room in the crypt itself, and some much needed rest and recuperation, Chymond, Kedereckt, and our drow ally (I still need to ask Angela her character's name. I know she's told me, and I swore I've used it in game, but I can never remember it when I write these posts) headed back into the corridors of the tomb, still searching for the heart of the undead plague that has been threatening the Dwarves.

David wasn't able to join us early on, but we still managed to search a few rooms and avoid a couple of traps along the way, mostly by sheer luck...methinks Kedereckt may have lied to us about his ability to bypass such obstacles.

Amazingly, we were able to avoid combat until right after David was able to show up and Oth threw a Sound Lance against a door that had given us a little bit of trouble. Knocking one side off its hinges revealed a room teeming with more Zombie Wyverns...five of them, to be exact, which gave us less trouble than any fight before due to what I feel was a tighter manifestation of teamwork and good tactics than we have previously displayed.

After this, however, we continued to move through chambers and halls that pretty much doubled back onto areas we had already explored, and Taylor called it somewhat early since Angela has to be at work in the morning.

I had previously spoken about how I wasn't feeling like my character was adding anything to the party at all, and that I was thinking of asking Taylor if I could possibly retire him and create a new one. After talking about it a little the other day, then again some tonight before the game, I decided to give it a few more sessions, continuing to tweak my spell list and possibly even how I play my character. I still don't know how I feel about him, but I absolutely had fun tonight. Maybe a few changes would be all it would take for me to be happier with him.

At any rate, I'm actually feeling eager to continue exploring the dungeon.


she_wolf_02 said...

Xulira Shiesril is my drow's name.

Anonymous said...

Weird drow....Btw not my fault at any time if you are blinded by anything...