Planning the Assault of the Temple...

So, it's been almost a week since the group gathered for the last session, but gather we did on Sunday and the original plan was to tackle the abandoned (by worshipers, at least) temple of Tharizdun.

Sadly, that didn't happen. What did happen was alot of deliberation and planning as to how to tackle the assault. The temple itself sits within a swamp, and the perimeter is crowded by a lizardfolk village. At least two score lizardfolk, at best estimate, live in this village, and they are known to be aided there by 3 khumat (crocodilian outsiders, see the Miniatures Handbook.)

Add to that, the threat of giants that are known to be in the area (and to have traffic in and out of the complex,) and "norkers," which is another word for goblin, according to a traveling companion.

This breeds much caution. Nobody wants to go in unprepared, or without backup plans, etc, but it really bogged the session down, and we didn't accomplish much of anything except debate and planning in the session.

Since David will be out of town on Sunday, Taylor and I swapped days so that everyone could participate in the next session, meaning that (hopefully) something will happen tomorrow night, when the players plan to take the fight to the temple inhabitants!

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