A Reminder to Myself

This post is mostly just acting as a Post-It so I can remember some stuff about Taylor's campaign, which I won't be able to attend later because I'll be rolling out of town with mom.

First, since I've missed some stuff here lately, I need to full appraisal of where we are and why we're there. The basics are known to me, but I want something a bit more solid to work with, as I try to fit my character's goals into everything we've done.

I play Chymond Veg, The Bronze Vassal. An extreme loyalist to the sovereignty of Lord Cain Gamble, the presiding noble where I have made my home. At the same time, I am trying to gain power over a dominion of my own, and hope for that to come to fruition more quickly as a result of wealth and power gained through the course of adventuring.

I need to consult with Taylor about this. I want my goals (and indeed the goals of the other players, if any) to fit into the campaign structure which our DM envisions. I don't want to create a disruptive or abortive course of action if it would upset the flow...basically, I don't want to be the Halfling Outrider that was brought to The World's Largest Dungeon.

I need to reevaluate my spell list in this game.

I also want Chymond to discuss with the other characters (and I with their players) what their goals, and our goals as an adventuring group are.

This is normal stuff, true...but I always want to do the stuff in game and end up either forgetting, or not having time in-game to do this.

When I sat down to write this, there was more I had in mind to jot down, but it's since left me.
I'm sure it'll come to me later.

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