30 Day Challenge, Day 16 - Favorite Monster (Aberration)

While the undead category of this line of questioning was more difficult, with various nuances guiding my opinion over the years, my favorite aberration came to mind with no question.

The grick is usually one of the first aberrations most Dungeons & Dragons parties face in their careers, and usually represent a challenge that most PCs have not encountered up until they meet one for the first time... Damage Reduction.

Though gricks usually don't have many hit points and their attack is relatively weak, that one defensive ability of DR 10/magic means that the rogue and cleric are usually useless against the thing and the fighter types will not be doing much with their attacks, barring the fact that someone has a magical weapon (or one of the spellcasters has cast magic weapon.

This means that the grick might have to be dealt with by an offensive caster, meaning that it drains resources, making it a very useful creature for attrition in campaigns where your players tend toward the "10 minute adventuring day" style of play.

Besides, this thing looks awesome. All barbed tentacles and snapping beak on the business end of an overgrown snakeworm body. Fun stuff.

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