Dark Heresy, Session 7: Damned Cities

With the dust settling around us, we made our way out of the mansion after claiming some spoils of war from the fallen. Though we hadn't destroyed the unnatural things plaguing the planet, whatever Nico did seemed to have done the trick of banishing it/them, at least for the time being. It still felt a hollow victory.

As we exited and regrouped, the question of how we would get off-planet lay heavy with us. Nico and Xantippa suggested we sell the guns and jewelry taken from the manor to fund our departure, and Rhia and I agreed that the sooner the better.

No sooner had we started to gather everything to leave, however, than our salvation came in the form of dropship. A crusty old clunker practically fell out of the sky and we were met with Inquisitor Karkalla's former Interrogator, come to collect us.

We'd never met the man, but he had the right credentials, and explained that the taint of the Haarlock's ran deeper than just those transgressions we discovered on Quaddis. He explained to us that Karkalla was also interested in the Haarlock family's involvement with a planet called Sinophia. We were briefed on a history of the planet and its current troubles: gruesome murders that have prompted unrest and small-scale wars amongst the nobles and street gangs of the capital, Sinophia Magna.

After a relatively short space flight, we alighted rather rockily on a rainsoaked port slab with noone there to greet us at all. Our Interrogator left one of his agents (Jon's Adept) with us to bolster our band and bade us farewell, lifting off back to the cruiser we arrived in and letting us handle things on the ground.

Cast of Characters
Rhia, Gunpoint (Hive World) Arbitrator (Arbitrator 5) - Angela
Xantippa Thebe, Son of Nightmare (Void Born) ?? (Imperial Psyker 5) -  Paul
Nicodemus, Regulus (Imperial World) Inditor (Adept 4) -Taylor (hasn't spent necessary xp to rank)
Mohrdecai, Cadian (Fortress World) Veteran (Guardsman 5) - Me
??, ?? ?? (Adept 5) - Jon

First, I'd like to apologize to David for this session. All of us were very jokey and the session derailed pretty hard despite David's best efforts to get the thing going. I think everyone was just weary after a week of work and were looking more toward unwinding than playing, so this session was pretty short.

This is exciting, though, as we actually got to advance into Damned Cities with the same characters as we had in Tattered Fates. The last time we played through, Taylor and I ended up duking it out at the 13th Hour so that we both might complete our heretical goals. I won, taking the mantle of the Widower for myself and basically wiping out a whole civilized planet.

Fun, yes, but a different kind of rewarding than actually completing the mission and moving on with the band of Acolytes to continue work for the Inquisition. 

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