Dark Heresy, Session 5: Tattered Fates

And so we made to deal with a buyer for our liberated wares. On thinking, I know not why butchers would need pict-screens and such. It seems they would need to constantly work. There is His whole Empire to feed, after all, but I suppose they didn't value that much, anyways.

We made with some nice kit and then began our search for the manor we had been told about with the party that was supposed to ring in the 13th hour. This was not to be yet, however, as throngs of revelers surged toward us, being herded by an enormous man with tendrils where his arms and hands should be behind them. To the front, some men like those we encountered at the library pushed forward and began to fire upon the large being, but we and it put them down swiftly, all but two.

These last were truly vile heretics, as they wielded weapons that projected the Emperor's Own Holy Plasma upon their enemies, and were firing it at the enormous shrouded man, who clearly was against these heretics and together we smote them. The big guy's ire had spiked and we made haste away from the area as best we could when we realized that he was still on a rampage, as we wanted no part of that.

I was struck by this being with a sense of wonder and awe. It aided us in dispatching those who oppose Him, and I couldn't help but think if this giant man could have been one of His own children, the blessed Primarchs who took the Empire back into His fold. How silly these thoughts ended up being, and I really should strive to dispel idle musings in the future.

Thought begets Heresy.

We did, eventually, make the old Haarlock estate and begin to take part in the event that was transpiring around us. Misdirection and dark speech was bandied about and after searching for our goal, and seeing fleeting images of supposed enemies, the majority of us left Nico to his books (fool that he is, though I'd much rather the old man's company than that Xantippa's) while we aimlessly roamed halls.

The 13th hour would chime soon, and I, at least, got a bit more nervous to the tolling. Perhaps my time on Cadia put a twist to my mind, but this spoke "daemon" to me.

Cast of Characters
Rhia, Gunpoint (Hive World) Investigator (Arbiter 4) - Angela
Xantippa Thebe, Son of Nightmare (Void Born) ?? (Imperial Psyker 4) -  Paul
Nicodemus, Regulus (Imperial World) Inditor (Adept 4) -Taylor
Mohrdecai, Cadian (Fortress World) Sergeant (Guardsman 4) - Me

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