30 Day Challenge, Day 24 - Favorite Energy Type

And so, I failed my goal. I didn't get all 30 days in, as I went out of town over the weekend, and I honestly have no idea why I didn't post Thursday, perhaps I thought I had, then didn't. Ah well, it's still a good run for this blog, and I'll post as much of the rest as I can, hoping for as many as I can get.

Today's point is favorite energy type, and that's one that's split for me. As a GM, fire is my favorite to utilize, because most players will gravitate to protection  from fire as a default, and it's nice to give your players the satisfaction of shrugging off some or all of an attack with use of spells or items from time to time.

I once also stole an idea from a Dragon magazine about an albino red dragon, so all of the PCs in that group had made preparations to face a white dragon, then were surprised by the fire coming out of the thing's mouth, leading to a TPK due to unpreparedness.

As a player, however, sonic is my preferred energy type. The game designers of D&D and derivative games nerf sonic attacks, usually by decreasing die step by one or two, or hard limiting number of dice of damage dealt, but sonic damage is very effective against not only creatures - very few of which have resistance or immunity to sonic - and objects, which take more actual damage due to sonic attacks often bypassing their structural hardness.

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