30 Day Challenge, Day 8 - Favorite Character You Have Played

Though not incredibly hard to choose, this did take a little thought.

Much like any other person who has played rpgs for more than a few years, I have hundreds of characters in my gaming history. Some are from false starts with one or two sessions of play, some from long-lasting campaigns, others the victims of mid-campaign TPKs or DM Fatigue. Just since I started this blog in September of 2007, I've written about 20 different campaigns featuring 30 different characters (I died a lot in two of those games), and sitting here, I can think of at least 30 more. I wouldn't be surprised if I have actually played over 100 different characters, so a question arises...

How does one choose their favorite?

I think it simply boils down to how much fun you had playing a character more than if they've slain a god, beaten the ocean in a drinking contest, or what have you.

And so, I have to go with Bhirtroc Taal, a Goblin Thief (now Rogue, since I've converted and played him in 3.x) that I've ran in a couple of short-lived campaigns that Paul ran, ranging from the late 90s to, theoretically, the present, though we've not played it in a long while.

On the end of a string of unfortunate deaths, but still wanting to play, I was able to drag a regular of my high school group to Paul's to play some D&D, but nobody else showed up for the session, and so John D. and I made our characters; he a Firbolg Fighter, and I my Goblin Thief. I loved the game, but was getting disgusted with the mounting deaths, and so I had suggested we play around with the Humanoids Handbook, which Paul agreed to, and then proceeded to name him something silly (it's pronounced "Beer truck", because I had looked out the window when making him and saw one pass by).

Paul had decided Bhirtroc and Red, as the Firbolg was named, were taken in by a kindly old lady in the woods (it was hinted that dear ol' mom was a witch, but never confirmed) who then set us out to do whatever we would in the world. This led to a hilarious string of incidences as two teenagers (both the players and the characters) ran afoul of the wider campaign world time and again.

John D. couldn't play as often as I could, and Bhirtroc went on adventures here and there with one or two other characters along the way, and now sits at a mighty 3rd level! He's not beaten a dragon, he's never plundered the king's gold, and in all honesty, I think he's truly only been in two combats, but everytime I've played him, it's just been fun, and that counts for so much.

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