30 Day Challenge, Day 2 - Favorite Playable Race

This one, to me and most members of my game group, is a no-brainer. Though unexciting to most when playing games for escapism, I think Human is still my favorite playable race.

Mechanically, in most games at least, Humans offer a huge advantage in that they have no disadvantages. Add to that the fact that Humans can usually opt-in to most careers/classes, usually have adaptability traits of some sort, and usually get a step up in customization by picking skills, etc., and Humans become perhaps not optimal, but solid, choices for characters.

From a roleplay standpoint, many find Humans to be an unimaginative choice, or relegated to beginners, but to not consider them due to less fleshed out lore or whatever reasons really sells oneself short. True, they might be an easy choice for beginners, since they usually don't have many associated mechanics, but the Human story has yet to be told; there are countless ways in which to portray our native species. Besides, it's easy to play a Human, because everyone has experience in the role already!


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