30 Day Challenge, Day 27 - A Character I Want To Play In The Future

This one is tough. I know that, for the most part, my game group will deviate very little from D&D 3.x/Pathfinder, so it makes more sense for me to describe a character for that type of game. However, I would really like to play something other than d20 or Dark Heresy eventually, so I have ideas for other things, as well.

In D&D or Pathfinder, I think I'd like to play a religious extremist. The deity followed and the class and race of the character are secondary concerns (though I think a lay person might be more fun than a cleric or paladin), as long as there is a level of fanaticism that makes everyone around the character a little uncomfortable. Moral transgressions like blood sacrifice and/or legal transgressions like defamation of other faith's shrines, or even excessive theft if the character followed the God of Rogues, would play into the character, as well.

I've not really played a religious zealot in a game, and I think it would be fun.

On the other hand, with a game other than D&D/Pathfinder, my style of character would be a bit different. If I could have things my way, and someone ever decided to run a Mage or Vampire game, I would like to play an ex-Irish Mob leg breaker who was either suddenly Awakened or Embraced by the Tremere clan.

In a Mage chronicle, I have the idea that he would be a Mastigos and member of the Guardians of the Veil. An honorable, no-nonsense tough who has a job to do in his capacity with the Guardians, who still goes about things the way he did in his Sleeper life - hit it first, and if that doesn't work, then bring out the tools.

In a Vampire chronicle, assuming The Masquerade, since my group has played that the most, you have similar lines. For whatever reason - perhaps needing to fill a niche that the Chantry needed at a particular time, perhaps the clan controls the Irish Mob or wants to - a Tremere Embraces this low-ranked soldier and for the most part he just goes about things like when he was alive, only now his hits are done by exsanguination and  he would rarely resort to magic, despite perhaps knowing quite a few Paths and Rituals.

Inspiration for this character came after watching Ray Stevenson's excellent portrayal of Danny Greene in Kill the Irishman.

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