The Defenders Vol. 2, Issue 2 - French Dip

When we last left off, Bennet and his gathered band were in a safehouse of the Knight Wing, who was eager to hear news of what they knew of what was going on, both with the attack by the Religon of Crime cultists with Abra Kadabra and Abner Cadaver, and with the disappearances of The League, Xavier, etc.. Grayson offered them food and a place to rest before they decided where to go after that, and when they had finished resting, came out in a costume more reminiscent of his mentor's, explaining that he would take up the mantle of The Bat, as the Dark Knight.
The Joker by Michael Turner

As they spoke, however, The Jester (Joker) appeared, teasing the Knight Wing about his ally's (and adopted father's) disappearance, stating it was "quite a puzzle" what had happened to the Bat, then casually strolling out and letting the heroes deal with some of his Killer Krewe. The battle was began awkwardly, as Kurt made mention of flanking the Krewe, but disappeared entirely when he teleported (David was unable to make this session, and so his teleport went haywire, more on that later!).

The Jester's clowns were tough, but fell eventually to the heroes. Their Last Laugh bombs were taken and the heroes decided to split up, first taking the Krewe members to jail, then wanting to check out the store front that Abner had smashed and grabbed from (a pawn shop, as the PCs had discovered). The band had taken the shop's ledger and doing a quick inventory of names and items, found the item "component" sold by "W. P. Schott", who they deduced was the Toyman.

After interrogating the owner of the pawn shop, a low-level organized crime member named Anton Grammach, they then used their detective skills (and Henry's knowledge of House Cannith) to set course for Aundair, where they had decided they would meet with the Toyman. Once in Fairhaven, they made an appointment with Schott and discussed his role in the component that Abra and Abner had taken an interest in. He explained that it was a component, possibly a coupling, and he didn't know what it was for. He simply designed and assembled it, then followed instructions on its delivery to the pawn shop in Korth, explaining he was paid very well for the rather simple work.

After paying a fairly exorbitant rate, themselves, the Toyman reproduced a quick sketch of the schematics for them and bid them fairwell, saying he would be happy to do further business with them, if they were interested.

The team decided, after hearing tale of The Bat having surfaced in Fairhaven, to go a'hero-ing at night. Though they did not run across the League member, they did find another trained by him and wearing a suit that evoked the fear and mystery of the Bat. This hero was in hot pursuit of the Grey Goblin across the rooftops, and though warned away by the more experienced Bat-like hero, interfered, ultimately causing the Goblin's death when it looked as if he would get away, knocking him from his glider high above the streets of Fairhaven.

The heroes stripped the armor from the fallen Goblin and took what was left of his curious bombs as they discussed with this strange Bat who and what he was. The costumed figure turned out to be a hero who normally used the name Nightrunner, but who took the mantle given him by the Bat, as instructed, when he found out that the elder hero hadn't been seen in some time. Nightrunner explained that the Bat had done similarly throughout the continent.

Next issue, a king escapes check!

Cast of Characters
Jean Grey, Elan Psion 4|Wilder 4  - Angela
Bennet du Paris (Exodus), Human Psion 4|Spellthief 4 -Taylor
Henry (Beast), Artificer 4|Anthropomorphic Ape 2/Monk 2 - Paul

Bonus Feature: Special Powers
As I mentioned before, I give each character a special power in addition to all the class and race features they would normally get. Though Jean's has not been revealed yet, even to Angela, I thought we would take a look at what the others got.

Nightcrawler has an ability called Teleport Master. With this, David may choose to have Kurt take at least one person with him any time he uses a spell or ability that lets him teleport. With powers that already let him take passengers, he may take an additional one. Unwilling passengers get a Will save.

Beast, when in a laboratory/workshop setting, gets Intuitive Genius, which allows him to craft items as if he possessed the feats Exceptional Artisan, Extraordinary Artisan, and Legendary Artisan. In addition, any researches conducted by Henry take half as much time.

Exodus was granted a boon in his past by a former mentor and patron, whom he betrayed. This figurative Deal with the Devil granted him increased mental capacity and more power, but has forever strained his relationship with Baselines, as well as his former master.

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