The Age of Worms, Session 28

Our exit from this place, triumphant, but still with more questions to be answered, seemed to be our fate, without a clear plan to follow, it looked as if we were going to have to confer with Allustan or Eligos on where to go or what to do next, but as we meant to take our leave from the place, we were attacked!

Out from nowhere, a small group of the dark elves and a mysterious other figure with slimy tentacles where a mouth should be attacked. The area was cloaked in darkness, and though we defeated the four drow, there was no sign of the betentacled fellow, but we did have a trail to follow. The boots of the drow were caked in phosphorescent fungus called Beggar's Gold, which we identified and used as the basis for our investigations under the city in the tunnels which led to the city's sewers.

Greyhawk's sewers, wretched and cold and smelly as they were, are hellishly HUGE. It took us what seemed like weeks, but was likely only days, to finally get back on the trail of our attacker and, we hoped, the bottom of the problems here in the Free City. We fumbled our way further, encountering a few more drow and then came upon a great set of double doors within an otherwise seemingly natural cave.

Cast of Characters
Able Nightengale, Gloaming Healer 7/+1 Negative Level - David
??, Goblin Psion (Telepath) 5/Thrallherd 2/+1 Negative Level -  Paul
??, Human Warblade 4 - Paul (thrall)
??, Human Druid 5/Planar Shepherd 2 -Taylor
Rill Meadowwhisper, Flind Druid (Shapeshifter variant) 7/+1 Negative Level - Me

And here ended our foray into The Age of Worms.

Angela, like me, has just gotten a new position at her job, and she feels she doesn't have the time or energy at this moment to run a game, and so with a little discussion, I decided to start a new campaign. More on that to come, but I'd like to thank Angela for a fun game!

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