30 Day Challenge, Day 28 - A Character I Will Never Play Ever Again

Though I've stated before that roguish characters are my favorite character type, and I prefer the 'face' type scoundrel, if we want to get more specific, I will likely never again play a bard, especially one made specifically for social interaction (assuming there even is a good combat build for the bard, I dunno).

The last one I played, in Angela's Age of Worms, was the last person killed in a near-TPK when he was trying to save another party member. The one before that was ripped to shreds by dinosaurs when trusting another PC's lead in the Savage Tide adventure path, and the one before that took a critical to his head in an Eberron war-time campaign just short moments after removing his helmet (which would have saved his life).

Each of these characters thrived in their element, but couldn't stand up to even moderate combat challenges. I do suppose that the class isn't designed for that role, but I can't help but think that I just have terrible luck playing bards.

I've sworn off them, at any rate. For the foreseeable future, at least.

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