30 Day Challenge, Day 5 - Favorite Set of Dice/Individual Die

When I started playing Dungeons & Dragons with Paul and his group, all the dice I had were a couple of "official" TSR sets, the ones from the mid-90s with the bright orange d20s with black numbers, that I had purchased from the long-since closed Batesville Bookstore.

This was sufficient, I thought, until I began running my own D&D game for my high school friends at my house every Monday night, from the time we got out of school until wrestling came on at 7 or 8. The shop in town at the time was The Round Table, and had probably the nicest selection of dice I had seen in a game shop for a decade after it closed.

Probably the nicest pic my iPhone has ever taken.
One day, I hadn't brought my own dice, not expecting a new campaign to start on that given day, and since I had my home game and sharing dice was becoming a hassle, I slipped one of the tubes off the wall and purchased the last set of dice I've ever used.

I believe they were Armoury dice, though they could be Chessex. At any rate, I've not found them again in a catalog or website, so I assume that they were discontinued long ago. I lost the blue d10 for a two month span, only for Paul to find it in the game room we used at his house. In all seriousness, when he handed me back my lost die, that day became one of the happiest in my life so far.

I've had them for 16 years. If I can't find them, I panic. They've provided me with ultimate triumph and ultimate humiliation at the game table, and gaming would be sad and weird without them.

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